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Our Story

Haute Academy, fashion 501 © (3) was established  in 2015 after identifying  the social and economic impact of the local clothing manufacturing industry in Miami and the discovery the Fashion Industry's demand on the environment and the desire to see creative innovation within fashion, our team felt the need to do something extraordinary .

We are inspired by our passion fashion and desire to connect  this generation of Designers to legacy of the fashion and apparel industry of yesterday and critical initiatives of today for purpose of  economic advancement.

We are motivated by the beliefs of creativity, sustainability, transformation, and self-sufficiency . We see all people as designers of their own lives, which is why we work to provide empowerment opportunities for realizing potential which creates a better quality of life for all communities.

We provide :

  • Youth Career Development and Exploration programs

  • Youth Travel Tours 

  • Fashion Business Consulting 

  • Fashion Industry Resources

  • Fashion Industry Workshops & Training

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Fashion Sustainability Education




Haute Academy offers experiential learning and career exploration opportunities for youth and adults with a professional focus on the Fashion Industry. We curate unique life altering  educational  fashion tours that travel within the United States and aboard which exposes travelers to foreign arts cultures, fashion and business. Join us for our trip to Paris, France Summer 2019. #weout - Paris 2019


Youth are immersed in fashion, art history and design with a STEAM focus which lays a foundation that builds self-confidence, creative career exploration and fashion skill building in our Haute Artist Workshops. Through hands on learning youth explore multiple careers and entrepreneurship opportunities with in the Visual & Design Arts and Fashion industries.


The Haute Academy Fashion Incubator  provides all communities a creative fashion space to connect, collaborate & create with like-minded  fashion professionals, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and artists for the purpose of economic advancement. We provide fashion resources that support the business of fashion by offering industry workshops, creative networking opportunities and continuing education opportunities for fashion professionals.


Haute Academy creates a platform for industry collaborators to create a more sustainable future for fashion by offering Circular Fashion workshops. Our workshops provide socially conscious fashion professionals with the tools and resources needed to become innovators and contributors of the global Circular Fashion initiative.


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