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Inspiration Travel 

You are the Unique Selling Point of your business!

So, Let's get INSPIRED!

Destination Travel

Get inspired!  Our destination travel experiences are curated to inspire your creativity and impact your bottom line. Haute Academy arranges and leads destination travel experiences with like-minded professionals to world destinations looking for that little spark of inspiration. 

We curate unique life altering  educational  fashion experiences that you share with professionals who get it. Our experiences are designed to enrich your your life and add value to your fashion business. 


Join us in Paris
Summer 2023

Experience Parisian culture at its best! Learn insider secrets of the world’s haute couture capital on a private themed tour.  Immerse yourself into the history of Parisian high fashion and current trends. Accompany us as we visit the Fashion & Textile exhibit inside the Louvre Museum, Chanel's original store, located at Rue Cambon, where the legendary designer started her career during a guided Fashion History walk. 

Fashion Travel

Hit the streets of Paris and Milan with an awe-inspiring, fashion-centric tour. On these trips you will immerse yourselves in the world of international fashion design. 

Dressed in White

Ultimate Staycation Experts

Want to experience vacation without traveling? Get in touch with us to help book the ultimate staycation!

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